Gardening, Episode IV: A New Hope

In my last post about gardening, I promised that we would try again. Our fourth garden attempt, which we planted in late January, is actually moving along pretty well. Slowly, but surely. After about a month our garden looked like this, with freshly planted tomato starts in the front box.

Photo 2015-02-28, 4 01 06 PM

Miraculously, our arugula survived the winter (a few frosts and a couple months without care or water) and sprung up as soon as we started watering it. We actually had to harvest some just before we took the photo above.

Photo 2015-02-28, 4 41 33 PM

This week (a month-and-a-half since the photos above) things are looking pretty good. Our peas, peppers, and squash were suffering a bit, so I stuck a cute kid in front of them to make the box look better. But we’re harvesting peas and more arugula! By harvest I mean we can eat a few peas every few days. We also got some surprise carrots that came up from last year’s planting.

Photo 2015-04-11, 6 16 38 PM

The other box has nice rows of greens, tomatoes, and a pineapple (we’ll see how that works… it does have a few new shoots coming up in the middle). Stay tuned!

Photo 2015-04-11, 6 15 24 PM


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