August in BC

Penticton… Canada’s Peach City.


We got back almost three weeks ago from a great trip up to British Columbia to attend my sister’s wedding and spend some time with family (and get away from the Arizona heat). It took some time to post these non-wedding photos because weddings are just more exciting… and I spent the last two weeks studying and stressing about my first week of classes and my first year comprehensive exams. I just finished those on Friday, so I finally have a bit of time to relax over the long weekend! And some time to post this…

This is a bit more like a highlight reel than a story, but loads pictures are more fun to scroll through than loads of text anyway.

We spent a lot of time cooling off in the water. We swam, floated, and built sand castles in lakes and rivers and even the ocean (but that gets its own discussion). Andrea took some time out from wedding planning to play in the sand with Eliza. Grandpa took Eliza out for several paddle board rides, which she loved.


We also went on a short camping trip with Nathan, Todd, and Phil. Here’s our site overlooking the river and the highway. And here’s the muscular trio before and during an epic white water float tube ride on the Similkameen River.


We also managed to spend a day in Vancouver before Andrea and Zak’s wedding at the Latter-day Saint temple in Langley. We took the Sky Train downtown, got some Mongolian Barbecue, and walked to Stanley Park to eat and to splash in the sea.

IMG_8707 vancouver1vancouver2

Nathan and I did an adventure triathlon together during our last week in Penticton. We did it by ourselves, but it was still roughly Olympic distance. I wasn’t prepared, but I finished. The bike course was off-road so it made for a very long trip (our 20-30 minute transition times also didn’t help). However, the scenery was nice.


On Theresa’s birthday (and on the way home from Andrea’s wedding), her mom and step-dad surprised us with a text saying they wanted to meet up with us. Brad was delivering a trailer in BC, so they were passing through. Unfortunately, between a rainstorm and bad cell phone reception we couldn’t coordinate the birthday meet-up. But they came to Penticton the next day and we went to the farmers’ market together.



Finally, we got to spend a lot of time with Eliza’s Great Grandma and Grandpa Godfrey in Penticton. That was really fun for everyone, and we also convinced Grandpa to let tell us some stories from his missionary years in South Africa. Here are a couple teaser photos (Can you find him in the photo from his last day before heading home by boat?). Hopefully we’ll be able to put something together over the next few months to show those stories to all of his grand-kids and great-grand-kids!



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