Long Weekend Hike


It’s monsoon season in Arizona, which means that things are green (compared to the rest of the year, anyway) around here. Up in the mountains, everything is green and blooming.

We went on a hike and day “camp” up to Madera Canyon last Saturday. We went up in the morning, had lunch, did a hike, and then roasted veggies, hot dogs, and marshmallows on the fire. Then we drove home and slept in our own beds.

Photo 2015-09-05, 4 16 20 PM

The hike was spectacular, although we took a wrong turn that added a couple miles to our journey. We ended up having to turn around just before we reached our destination because it was getting late and we were getting tired. It was a steep switchback-filled hike… and I was carrying water and a 2-year-old. My legs were spent by the end of our hike (we think it was around 7 miles, but we’re not sure).

Photo 2015-09-05, 12 44 46 PM

Photo 2015-09-05, 4 53 58 PM

Photo 2015-09-05, 3 42 34 PM

Photo 2015-09-05, 3 22 54 PM

Photo 2015-09-05, 2 32 37 PM

Photo 2015-09-05, 7 06 04 PM


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